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Link to great page about writing Android plugins for Apache Cordova (aka PhoneGab)

Apache Cordova is a tool/library/… for writing cross platform (mobile) applications.  With Cordova you write the code in HTML5, CSS and JS like you would on a homepage, just packed into an application that can run on many different platforms.

But Cordova is more than just that, it also has a number of plug-ins that makes it possible to access systems on the platforms that a normal web application can’t access.  It is even possible to make your own plug-ins.  The plug-ins are typically written in the native language for the platform, like Java for Android, C# for Windows Phone etc.

Unfortunately the “official” Cordova documentation for writing plug-ins are…hmm…aeee… let’s just say, I couldn’t figure it out, but thanks to Google I found this blog post that describes how to write plug-ins in Java for Android.